The Office of Online Learning maintains a list of approved online classes and programs. Once the minutes are approved by the respective council, the course and/or program will be added to the list.

Please note if IHL approval is necessary, the course and/or program will not be added to the list until this approval has been noted in the IHL minutes.

Process for Seeking Online Course Approval

When faculty members identify courses they wish to teach online, or create new courses that will include an online mode of instruction, they must complete an approval process.

  • This process begins in the school or department with the creation of a formal approval application that follows the guidelines of Academic Council (for undergraduate courses) or Graduate Council (for graduate courses).
  • This application must be supported by the Chair or Director, who submits it to the college-level committee that addresses curricular changes or developments.
  • If approved at that level, the proposal goes forward to Academic or Graduate Council for its review then, if approved, to the Provost.

Please be aware that strict deadlines exist for Academic and Graduate council:

Graduate Council –

Note also that colleges have their own internal deadlines, which the Dean’s office can provide.

Forms for Submission of Application for Teaching Online

Undergraduate and Graduate Online Course Approval forms and information are located at:

Once you reach this site, you will be prompted to enter your SOAR username and password.

If the class already exists and only needs approval for online delivery, the following forms must be completed:

  • “Proposal to Modify a Course”
  • “Online Course Approval Information”

If the request is to add a new course with an online instruction mode, the following forms must be completed:

  • “Proposal to Add a Course”; and
  • “Online Course Approval Information”

If you have questions regarding the process for adding an online course, modifying a course for online delivery, and/or the online program approval process, please contact the respective council contact at: