Quality Matters
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What is Quality Matters?

How would you like to improve your online classroom and stay at the head of the technology evolution? You have a passion for inspiration, it comes with being a teacher. As online elements growing more and more prevalent, there comes a need to evolve faster and more often. So how do you keep up?

The Office of Online Learning is partnering with Quality Matters to give you the tools you need to accomplish this goal, and now we’re offering extra incentives to take part in this collaborative effort to impact all of online education.  

Quality Matters (QM) is a non-profit, quality assurance organization focused on your professional development. QM provides a network of professional instructors to help improve and nurture all aspects of your online courses. With the speed of the Internet, everything, including education, is constantly evolving, and the QM community is in place to help you remain at the forefront of education.

The QM community is a place where teachers can go to collaborate with other teachers to make the online experience more beneficial for everyone from the students to professors. The QM system offers a number of different ways to experience a give-and-take environment that can change the way you use your passion to inspire. Use the links below to learn more about the many ways you can evolve with your online classroom.

Congratulations to our newest Quality Matters peer reviewers!

Peer Reviewers
  • Hollie Filce
  • Laura Gulledge
  • Hans Stadthagen
  • Shuyan Wang
  • Lindsay Wright
  • Holly Foster
  • Marlene Naquin
  • David Holt
  • Mary Funk
  • Linda Hanson
Other Certifications
  • Gulenia Rikabi
  • Shivani Gupta
  • Elizabeth Tinnon
  • Angela Sparkman
  • Siyuan Song
  • Jae-Hwa Shin
  • Mya Rome
  • Pam Rollins
  • Lisa Morgan
  • Ryan Luethje