The Import Course Content allows the user multiple ways of adding content. This tutorial covers copying content from one Canvas course to another.

You will start in the course that needs the content or empty course.

Printable instructions – Import Canvas Content


Settings_Import Content to this Course

  • Click Settings
  • Click Import Course Content



Select One:

  • Choose Copy a Canvas Course from the list of options.




Enter the past course:

Search for Canvas Course using the selection tool or type search. To have the Past Enrollments courses to show, click the box next to Include completed courses.

  • Choose from the drop down list or type in the search box for the course with the content.
    • If the course has been concluded, be sure to click the box next to “Include completed courses.”


Choose the content you want to copy

All content or Select specific content options

  • The easiest is to select “All Content”
  • To learn more about selecting specific content, view the printable instructions Import Canvas Content.
  • Click to Import Button