Printable, full instructions for using Turnitin

Turnitin can be added directly to a Canvas course using the Assignment tool.¬† When Turnitin is added to Canvas, students’ Turnitin accounts are automatically created.¬†Students submit their documents through the Turnitin assignment in their Canvas course.

Submission type, External Tool highlighted

  • Click the Assignment link on the Canvas course menu.
  • Click to +Assignment
  • Name the assignment
  • Scroll to Submission type to select External Tool

Turnitin highlighted in the list of options

  • Choose from the list of options Turnitin
  • Click to Select
  • Continue the routine setup of the assignment
  • You must click Save and Publish in order to see the Turnitin Assignment.

To setup the options of the Turnitin assignment, you must click to access the assignment.Edit Assignment Setting highligted in the upper right, Settings highlighted in the gray heading bar..

  • Edit Assignment Settings returns you to the Canvas assignment
  • Settings in the header bar takes you to the Turnitin settings.

Optional Settings, scroll to setup Turnitin options

  • Click Optional Settings to set your preferences for Turnitin
  • Click Submit to save settings.

Turnitin does not recognize Canvas’ Student View.¬† You will not be able to see the assignment as a student.Helpdesk link located in the gray bar of the Turnitin assignment

If you, or your students, have a problem with Turnitin, you can report it directly to Turnitin by using the Helpdesk link.

Southern Miss’ Turnitin admin is Gene’O Gordon (601 266-4644,