Policies at the University of Southern Mississippi:

Plans and Procedures:

  • Strategic Plan for Online Learning (pending approval)
  • Strategic Plan for Retention and Persistence for Online Learners (pending approval)
  • Training Plan for Online Instructors (pending approval)
  • Online Course Approval ProcessĀ 
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Online Disaster Recovery Policy

The Learning Management System infrastructure at the University of Southern Mississippi is strategically designed to recover from a disaster. The data center at the University hosts the users log in data. This data is also hosted on a redundant server in Birmingham, AL. Canvas LMS is based on a multi-tier cloud-based architecture. Load balancers are responsible for directing traffic to the servers. At least two app servers process incoming requests from clients but no important data is stored on an app server. Most structured data is stored in a database. A Primary and Secondary database are in two different geographic locations. A backup of the Master is completed every 24 hours and stored in a third geographic location. In the case of a disaster, plans and procedures are established to recover any affects to the production operations. The Canvas Disaster Recovery Plan and Procedures documentation can be viewed by clicking here.

More Information:

Canvas Disaster Recovery Plan (PDF)