FACULTY: Please email vanessa.mccullum@usm.edu for inquiries.

Proctoring Information to Students

Faculty members must provide necessary proctoring information to students including exam dates and on-campus testing information.

Faculty should also provide the link to the Testing Information for Students page where information regarding deadlines for submitting an application is located. The information is also provided in the University wide Blackboard template in 9.1. At the faculty member’s discretion, he/she may periodically remind students about their proctoring requirements.

First Date for Proctored Exams

No proctored exams are to be scheduled or required before the third (3rd) week of the class during fall and spring semesters and before the second (2nd) week for summer semester. This time period is needed for students to submit their applications for examination by proctor, and for identifying and approving proctors, and the verification of exam dates.

Deadline for Exam Documents and Dates to Proctor

The Office of Online Learning proctoring services no longer accept paper-based exams. Office of Online Learning offers assistance in the process of creating exams and setting up proctor passwords in Canvas. If you need assistance, please contact Susan Rayborn at 601.266.6589.

All instructors must submit a password/instruction document(s) for each online exam(s) no later that the tenth (10th) working day of the semester. The password/instruction document should include the date(s) the exam is to be given, time allotted to take the exam, navigation to the exam and any instructions as to what students may have with them during the exam. If you would like a sample document, one can be provided to you by the proctor.

On-campus Students

Instructors should designate a date, time, and classroom location for their exam to be offered on-campus, administered by you, and advise their students of this information.

The Office of Online Learning will provide proctoring services for on-campus or local students in the case of an emergency or if a class or work schedule conflicts with the time the exam is scheduled with you, the instructor.

These students will be charged a $10 processing fee and are subject to the late fee if applicable. This same service is offered for our Southern Miss Gulf Coast students at the Gulf Park Campus in Long Beach, MS.

At a Distance Students

Students who are at a distance are responsible for locating an appropriate proctor. All distance students will submit their application to the proctor in the Office of Online Learning for approval and processing.

Students Who Require Disability Accommodations

It is the responsibility of the faculty member to provide modified instructions for students with disability accommodations. These accommodations must be met when students are taking an exam.